Shipping Details

We guarantee a 100% delivery guarantee for our customers.

Omega Meds has multiple warehouses and partners worldwide.

After your order, we check from which warehouse we can ship to you safely and without customs problems.

So we can guarantee you safe and duty-free delivery.

Shipping Price

The shipping price is 25€ within the EU. (Germany, Austria, Swiss, France, Italia, Spain).

The shipping price for USA and Canada is 30€.

How long is the shipping time?

After your payment is the shipping time between 4 and 12 days depending on the country.

Did i get a Tracking ID for my paket?

After placing your order and payment, you will receive your tracking number for your package from us within 7 days.

Which shipping company did we use?

This is always different and depends on the delivery country. Mostly we use DHL, Hermes ore GLS.

Is express shipping possible?

No, sorry.

I dont have get my Paket

If you dont´t received your package due to a postal error, then we will find an individual solution.

if we have made a shipping error, we will resend the order to you for free.

Payment Methods

We currently accept the payment methods Bitcoins, bank transfer and in exceptional cases PayPal.

We will send you the payment information within 24 hours after your order, exclusively by email address.

How can i pay with Bitcoins?

We will send you our bitcoin wallet via email.

Where can I buy Bitcoins?

To Create Bitcoin Wallet or buy Bitcoins, use following exchanges, or any other:

Can i pay with Credit Card?

No, sorry.

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