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Oxymetholone Omega Meds Anadrol (Uses, Side effects, Warnings, Precautions)

What is Oxymetholone Omega Meds Anadrol?

Oxymetholone Omega Meds Anadrol is a synthetic steroid that has long been used in sports to treat anemia and improve athletic performance. Anadrol has the same androgenic properties as testosterone depot. However, the pharmacodynamics used here has the potential of this compound to prevent anemia. The active ingredient in this supplement mimics the action of the active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) oxymetholone 2-for Anadrol. Anadrol (Oxymetholone) is a drug used to treat low blood pressure. It protects the production of erythropoietin (EPO), an important hormone that leads to the production of alveolar blood cells. The lower the competition site (Table 3), the less likely it is to recruit steroids derived from steroids such as testosterone.

How does Omega Meds Anadrol work?

Anadrol is one of the most potent anabolic steroids developed for muscle building, with study participants averaging 14.5 pounds per 100 pounds. Preliminary studies have shown that hepatotoxic side effects are minimal, but oral anabolics are known to be hepatotoxic and uncertain. Users of Anadrol have confirmed that it helps increase nitrogen levels in the body. It can put the body in an anabolic mode and improve the flow of blood and nutrients to the muscles. The smooth flow of blood in the body provides a good condition for building muscle and thus helps to increase the size of your muscles.

Oxymetholone Omega Meds uses:

Take this medicine by mouth as directed by your doctor. If you have a poor stomach, you can eat it with food or milk. Then use this medicine regularly for maximum benefit. Use it at the same time every day.

Anapolon Dosage is based on your medical condition and response to treatment.

Stimulus abuse or abuse can be serious, such as heart disease (including heart attack), stroke, liver disease, mental/mood problems, abnormal substance abuse behavior, or inappropriate growth orthopedics (puberty). It can cause side effects. Do not increase the dose or use this Omega Meds Anadrol more frequently or longer than prescribed.

Side Effects:

  • Diarrhea
  • Agitation
  • Sleep problems
  • Mental/mood changes
  • Swelling of the ankles /feet
  • Unusual or rapid weight gain
  • Trouble breathing
  • Decreased/increased interest in sex
  • New or worsening acne.

Remember that this drug is prescribed because your doctor has determined that your benefits outweigh the risks of side effects. Many people take this medicine without serious side effects.

Omega Meds Anadrol warnings:

  • Males before Puberty: If you notice any of these symptoms of puberty while taking this medicine, tell your doctor immediately: Penis enlargement, frequent ejaculation.
  • Adult males: Talk to your doctor right away if you experience serious side effects such as hair loss, difficulty urinating, changes in testicular shape, impotence, and tenderness/swelling of the breasts.
  • For females: Consult your doctor right away if you experience serious side effects such as hair loss, difficulty urinating, changes in testicular size, impotence, and tenderness/swelling of the breasts.


  • Tell your doctor or pharmacist if you have any allergies before taking oxymethylene. Or, if you have other allergies, this medicine may contain inert ingredients which can cause allergic reactions and other problems. Consult your pharmacist for more information.
  • Do not use this medicine if you have a specific medical condition. If you have breast cancer (male), high blood calcium (female), prostate cancer, severe kidney disease, or severe liver disease, consult your doctor or pharmacist before using this medicine.
  • Before using this medicine, consult your doctor or pharmacist about your history, especially kidney disease, liver disease, heart disease (congestive heart failure, coronary artery disease, etc.), edema (swelling, fluid retention), prostate enlargement, diabetes.
  • However, breastfeeding is not recommended because it can be harmful to your baby. Talk to your doctor before breastfeeding.
  • Caution should be exercised when using this drug in children as they may be sensitive to its effects. This drug can stop the growth of children under 18 years of age. Regular bone x-rays can monitor the effects of drugs on bone growth. Oxymetholone can also affect a child’s sexual development. Contact your doctor for more information.


Q: Is Omega Meds Anadrol still available?

A: No, Anadrol has been discontinued and is no longer available in the United States.

Q: Why was Anadrol discontinued?

A: It is not clear why Anadrol (oxymetholone) was discontinued. Depending on the cause, many other drug options are available to treat anemia. Talk to your provider about the best treatment option for you.


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