Boldenone Omega Meds Equipoise

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Boldenone Omega Meds Equipoise for sale. Buy online Steroids. The pack contains 10 ampoules of 250 mg Boldenone Undecylenate 1 ml.


Boldenone Omega Meds Equipoise / Boldenone differs in quality from other anabolic products on the market of sports stimulants – Omega Med (Omega Med). The pack contains 10 ampoules of 250 mg. Boldenone Undecylenate 1 ml. Boldenone is designed for anyone who likes quality.

Boldenone Omega Meds Equipoise Action:

Athletes and coaches appreciate the well-balanced androgenic and anabolic properties of Boldenone. This Omega Meds product does not retain water and retains much of the muscle mass. This is a great advantage over most other anabolics. It retains nitrogen well and ensures greater dilation of blood vessels. Increases the production of red blood cells.

Omega Meds’ Boldenone 250 offers a slow but steady increase in strength and muscle mass. The positive effects of Boldenone will be visible when used for longer cycles. You will see that the acquired muscle mass will be denser and more defined. Because the water retention is not great with Boldenone, the mass obtained will last longer. The amount obtained can be retained for a long time after the intake is stopped. Boldenone 250 is also unique in that it is low in estrogen and progesterone, so if you have had gynecomastia in the past, Boldenone would be a very good alternative.

Dosage and intake:

The optimal dose of Boldenone (Tn-Pharma) is from 250 mg to 500 mg per week or from one to three ampoules for heavier athletes. Since 1 ml contains 250 mg Boldenone undecylenate, the weekly dose can be divided into 2-3 doses per week at regular intervals. It can be applied every two days.

Boldenone is a very flexible steroid and can be combined with other steroids depending on the desired result. In a muscle mass cycle, it is often combined with Testoviron TN  Sustanon or Testosterone C 250 (Testosterone Cypionate). This leads to an increase in muscle mass and strength without the side effects when only testosterone is used in large doses.

In a muscle relaxation cycle, size, stamina, and density can be significantly increased when combined with non-aromatic steroids such as Trenbolone-Trenabol 100 TN or Trenabol 200 TN, Anavar (Oxandrolone) or Winstrol / Stromba (Stanozolol).

Omega Meds Equipoise Side effects:

The side effects of Boldenone Omega Meds Equipoise are completely bearable. However, side effects are still possible with any steroid. The side effects of Boldenone Omega Meds Equipoise are:

  • Unusual hair loss.
  • Enlarged prostate.
  • Unnatural acne growth.
  • Deepening or hoarseness of voice.
  • Oily skin.
  • Unnatural hair growth.

Boldenone Omega Meds Equipoise can cause acne on your chest, arms and back. So if a user has acne, they should use Accutane as an ancillary or something natural such as an anti-acne and anti-bacterial soap.

Overdose of Boldenone has testosterone-like side effects that can cause severe urological problems.

Benefits for Boldenone Omega Meds:

Boldenone Omega Meds Equipoise stimulates protein synthesis and releases erythropoietin in the kidneys. Athletes most of the time use Boldenone, which is sold to increase muscle mass.


Q: Are Boldenone and Equipoise the same thing?

A: Boldenone undecylenate or boldenone undecenoate, sold under the brand names Equipoise and Parenabol, is, among other things, an androgenic drug and anabolic steroid (AAS) used in veterinary medicine, especially in horses. It has also been used on humans in the past.

Q: What are the health risks of Boldenone?

A: Boldenone reduces testosterone production in men. In animal studies, Boldenone has been shown to cause significant damage to the male reproductive system, decreased sperm count, and decreased sperm activity.

Q: What happens to your body when you stop taking steroids?

A: Steroid use cannot be stopped suddenly; The narrowing of the drug allows time for the adrenal glands to return to a normal secretory pattern. Withdrawal symptoms and signs (fatigue, decreased appetite, diarrhea, weight loss, weakness, nausea, vomiting, stomach pain) can imitate many medical problems.

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